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NI 48958
"Intrepid Records", Канада, 1988

Side А
1. КРУИЗ - "Мираж" - 4'25 (V. Gaina & V. Sautkin)
2. АЛЛА ПУГАЧЕВА - "Гонка" - 6'18 (A. Pugachova & B. Barkas)
3. МАШИНА ВРЕМЕНИ -"Музыка под снегом" - 4'29 (A. Kutikov & A. Makarevich)
4. БРАВО - "Желтые ботинки" - 3'30 (E. Khavtan & J. Aguzarova)
5. ФОРУМ - "Белая ночь" - 4'13 (S. Romanov)

Side B
1. АЛЛА ПУГАЧЕВА - "Найти меня" - 4'24 (A. Pugachova)
2. СОФИЯ РОТАРУ - "Маленькое происшествие" - 4'42 (A. Morazov & M. Riabinin)
3. ЗОДЧИЕ - "Зима" - 3'56 (Yuri Loza)
4. ЭВМ - "Честный Джон" - 4'34 ("EVM" & R. Linn)
5. АВТОГРАФ - "Нам нужен мир" - 4'52 (A. Berkut & N. Olev)

The reality of these recordings are in part a direct result of the New era in North American - Soviet relationships. If you believe like me, that music is a powerful tool in the Machinery of the Human Environment, then let these recordings stand for an epoch in International understanding. to Listen is to Start.

Compilation by Ulrich Hetscher & Stuart Raven-Hill
Mastered by U. Hetscher / S. Raven-Hill at O.K.Studio
Translations by Gena Pansch / Ulrich Hetscher
Photography by Peter Berressem
Concept by Ulrike Kuberka
Design by Nuala Byles for Whitney Graphics, Toronto, Canada
Intrepid Records is a division of McRaven Enterprises Limited

(C) 1987 VAAP, Moscow, USSR
(p) 1986/87 Melodia, Moscow under license to Intrepid Records, a division of McRaven Enterprises Limited and sub-licensed to Alice Records
Under license from Verlag "plane' GmbH, Dortmund Original Masters Recorded by Melodia, Moscow

переводы текстов песен А. Пугачевой:
The Race (A. Pugachova - B. Barkas)
A sprinter on the track - fighting to win, but he doesn't want to fight any more, he can hardly breath and he hasn't got the will but that's the nature of the game. Suddenly there's the point where you have to decide: to keep on running or to live!

Find Me (A. Pugachova - author of the lyrics unknown)
Alla ("I") is in her apartment and wants to feel nearer to people. The dawn is coming, and "we" are alone. Alla is dreaming that the walls are no longer there and that it's just calm and warm.

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