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TARIVERDIEV. Film music (3LP + booklet)
Earth Records, UK, 2015

LP1 "Goodbye, Boys"
Side A
1. Boys And The Sea, Part One from "Goodbye. Boys!" (1964)
2. Boys And The Sea, Part Two from "Goodbye, Boys!" (1964)
3. Dance At The Staduim from "The Man Follows The Sun" (1961)*
4. Waltz from "The Long Day" (1960)**
5. My Younger Brother from "My Younger Brother" (1962)
6. The Last Romantic from "Small School Orchestra" (1968)
7. Evening Cafe from "Till Tomorrow" (1964)*
8. Summer Blues from "Till Tomorrow" (1964)*
9. All That Jazz from "Small School Orchestra" (1968)*

Side B
1. A La Invenza from "Small School Orchestra" (1968)*
2. Don't Be Sad (Instrumental) from "Small School Orchestra" (1968)
3. Waltz from "The Last Thief" (1966)*
4. Unfinished Recording from "Till Tomorrow" (1964)*
5. Russian Ragtime from "Small School Orchestra" (1968)*
6. Dolphins from "Fare-well" (1966)
7. You Have Such Eyes, with Maya Kristallinskaya, from "The Man Follows The Sun" (1961)
8. Goodbye, Boys! from "Goodbye, Boys!" (1964)

* with the Vocal And Instrumental Ensemble Of Eduard Tyazjov
** with the Orchestra Of Cinematography
Words from verses by: B6 Grigoriy Pozhenyan; B7 Semyon Kirsanov

LP2 "Snow Over Leningrad"
Side C
1. On Tsvetochnaya Street from "Seventeen Moments Of Spring" (1973)*
2. A Moment from "Seventeen Moments Of Spring" (1973)**
3. Prelude For Ket from "Seventeen Moments Of Spring" (1973)
4. Roads from "Seventeen Moments Of Spring" (1973)**
5. Couple In A Cafe from "Seventeen Moments Of Spring" (1973)
6. Expectations Of The New Year from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)*
7. Snow Over Leningrad from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)*
8. No One's Home from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)****

Side D
1. Along My Street For Many Years from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)***
2. What Is Happening To Me? from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)****
3. I Like from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)***
4. Aria For A Moscow Guest from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)****
5. I Asked The Ash Tree from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)****
6. I Asked The Mirror from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)***
7. The Third Stroitelnaya Street from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)*
8. Melody from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)*
9. The Last Waltz from "The Irony Of Fate" (1973)*

* with the Ensemble Melodia conducted by George Garanyan
** with the Orchestra Of Cinematography
*** with Alla Pugatcheva (vocal) and Sergey Nikitin (guitar)
**** with Sergey Nikitin (guitar and voice)
Words from verses by: C8 Boris Pasternak; D1 Bella Akhmadulina; D2 Evgeniy Evtushenko; D3 M. Cvetaeva; D4 Alexandr Aronov; D5 V. Kirshon; D6 M. Cvetaeva

LP3 "I Am A Tree"
Side E
1. I Love from "Adam Marries Eve" (1980)**
2. Morning Clouds from "Flight Through Memory" (1989)
3. Moscow Morning from "Olga Sergeevna" (1975)
4. Moscow Morning, variation from "Olga Sergeevna" (1975)
5. Morning In The Mountatins from "Olga Sergeevna" (1975)
6. Prelude For Cello And Piano from "The Fate Of The Resident" (1970)
7. Nocturne from "Olga Sergeevna" (1975)*
8. I Am Writing To You By Accident with Galina Besedina (voice) and Sergey Taranenko (voice, piano), from Golden River (1976)
9. On The Scout (1976)***

Side F
1. Over The Fields The Twilight Is Indistinct (1979)***
2. Your Voice from "The Premonition Of Love" (1982)***
3. Accordion Waltz from "The Long Day" (1960)****
4. It Happens, with Maya Kristallinskaya, from "The Man Overboard" (1956)
5. Until Tomorrow from "Till Tomorrow" (1964)****
6. Don't Be Sad, with Maya Kristallinskaya, from "Big Ore" (1964)
7. I Am A Tree, from "Farewell" (1966)
8. Goodbye Boys!, variation from "Goodbye, Boys!" (1964)

* with the violin ensemble of the Bolshoy Theater directed by Juliy Reentovich
** with the Orchestra Of Cinematography conducted by Konstantin Krimetz
*** with the Meridian Vocal Trio (Nadezhda Lukashevich - voice, Nikolay Smetanin - voice, guitar, Vladimir Sitanov - voice, guitar)
****with the Vocal And Instrumental Ensemble Of Eduard Tyazjov
Words from verses by: E1 Shakespeare, translated by S. Marshak; E8 Mikhail Lermontov; E9 Mikhail Svetlov; F1 Andrey Voznesensky; F2 Nikolay Dobronravov; F4 Boris Gajkovich; F5 Nikolay Dobronravov; F6 N. Dobronravov; F7 Grigoriy Pozhenyan
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